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Jaik Yanez is a gifted singer, expressive guitarist, and thoughtful lyricist from San Antonio, TX. Lauded for his immersive writing style and poignant lyrics, he has become a rising force among songwriters in Texas.

Having opened for acts like The Maine, Hydra Melody, and Zander Schloss, Jaik has demonstrated a remarkable versatility in his music that leaves people breathless.

His first release "Yesteryears" is a collection of stories celebrating the often dark paths we walk as people to name the uncomfortable truths we live with underneath our skin.

Audiences enjoy his musicality and deceptively quiet personality, but are drawn in and captivated by his music's vulnerability and unparalleled honesty. Now backed by the wildly impressive band "The High Road", their combined sound leave a lasting impression on all who hear them.



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Email: info@jaikyanez

Phone: (210) 394-5720